Atrium & Gallery | BELvue

Atrium & Gallery

Ground floor of the BELvue museum with a view over the gardens of the Royal Palace

The former Hotel Bellevue, which in the 19th century was known as “the pied-à-terre of Princes and the nobility”, welcomes you in a refined setting and offers your guests an exceptional view of the Royal Palace and its gardens. The brightness of the Atrium, with its glass roof almost 20m high, is ideal for your daytime events. During the evening, the former Hotel Bellevue rediscovers all its festive splendour when, as a museum, it is transformed into a prestigious reception room.


Every evening – Monday during the day


Night visit of the BELvue museum
Access to the garden (up to 100 people)


Walking dinner: 150


90.00m2, 110.00m2.

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