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Le BELvue et les jeunes

Le BELvue souhaite être au plus près de ses visiteurs, et tout particulièrement les jeunes. La mission de l’institution est de sensibiliser les visiteurs à la Belgique, son histoire, son fonctionnement et ses spécificités. Mais comment attirer les jeunes ? Quelle image ont-ils des musées en général ? Qu’attendent-ils d’un lieu tel que le BELvue ? 

Pour répondre à ces questions, et pouvoir proposer une offre adaptée aux jeunes, le BELvue a fait le pari de travailler avec eux.

Depuis 2014, le BELvue effectue un trajet participatif avec des jeunes, dont voici les fruits.

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Since 2017 : multiBEL

(en)multiBEL est un groupe de jeunes bruxellois âgés de 14 à 18 ans, pas vraiment fans de musée au départ. Accompagnés par les animateurs du Foyer, ils ont répondu positivement à l’appel du BELvue à prendre part à la vie du musée. 

Leur objectif : montrer aux jeunes de leur âge une image différente du BELvue et des musées en général.

Ils se retrouvent chaque mercredi après-midi et travaillent sur le rôle et le fonctionnement d’un musée, l’offre pour les jeunes, la communication, l’organisation d’activités et de différents évènements…

multiBEL s’investit à fond dans les projets menés au musée; aime le partage, l’échange, la découverte, mais surtout… créer et réaliser des projets ensemble ! 


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Our partner : Le Foyer des jeunes de Molenbeek

(en)Basé à Molenbeek, le Foyer des jeunes organise l’accueil extra-scolaire pour les enfants et adolescent du quartier. Des activités ludiques, sportives, du soutien scolaire et des ateliers créatifs sont proposés aux jeunes d’une manière cohérente et organisée. Toutes ces activités font partie d’un projet pédagogique de large envergure qui a comme ligne de conduite la responsabilisation et la citoyenneté des enfants, des jeunes et de leurs parents dans un cadre de cohésion sociale.

Voir leur site
Le Foyer des jeunes de Molenbeek : photo de groupe

2014-2016 : The Bande du BELvue Bende

Aged between 18 and 25, the members of the band come from the four corners of Belgium. Their mission: generate ideas and their vision of what a museum today should be, and develop activities for the public.

Bande du BELvue - BELvue Bende



Lives in Leuven.

Cecilia organises fun, cultural events, such as History Night, for the general public, on behalf of the David Fund,

She says of herself: “I don’t like corn salad, eating badly and spelling mistakes, but I adore the skin of a roast chicken, a good book and my boyfriend!” 




Lives in Brussels.

Charlotte is Project Manager at Prométhéa, a guide at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, a volunteer with MuseomixBE and is studying computer graphics.

She says about herself: “I’m a lover of food and travel, a cultural omnivore and an enthusiast who likes to make the most of what life has to offer.”

Charlotte ©Rone Fillet



Lives in Brussels now, but had previously lived her whole life in Leuven.

Charlotte is studying Conflict & Development at the University of Ghent. Alongside her studies, she works at the Bozar and attends evening classes to study Arabic.

She says about herself: “I’m curious, love new challenges and hope that one day I shall be a really bilingual citizen of Brussels.”

Ellen ©Rone Fillet



Lives in Leuven.

Ellen is crazy about history, museums and our cultural heritage. She holds a master’s degree in history (from KU Leuven). At present she is studying art and heritage at the University of Maastricht. She’s always on the lookout for exciting challenges!

She says of herself: “I love culture in whatever shape or form it comes. I like good food and travelling too. I’m always enthusiastic, curious and ambitious. And I adore dark chocolate!”

Fanny ©Rone Fillet



Lives in Watermael (Brussels)

Fanny works at the publishing house Editions Jacques Brel.

She says about herself: “I ‘m really mad about history, art and the Brussels region. You can often see me wandering through old neighbourhoods, scrutinising centuries-old façades, or enjoying a Lambic, a Karmeliet or some other special beer in one of the old taverns. In any case you’ll hear me telling endless anecdotes about this surrealist country that is ours!”

Grégoire ©Rone Fillet



Lives in the Ath region.

Grégoire has a degree in history and obtained a teaching qualification to teach in secondary school. He is also a musician.

He says of himself: “To try everything, understand everything and take a new look at things are my three impossible goals!”




Lives in Ghent.

She has a degree in Arts from the university of Ghent. She currently works as Young Vibes Consultant at Co-Vibes where she learns everything about undertaking challenges and turning ideas into reality.

She says of herself: I enjoy the scouts, indoor football and whisky. 




Lives in the Antwerp region.

She is studying applied communication (with a history option). She does lots of sport and is active in the scout movement. She enjoys (student) life to the full, especially when it’s accompanied by good music.

She says of herself: “I’m interested in culture and the media, fascinated by the world and mad about athletics. I love the good things in life!” 

Jean-Daniel ©Rone Fillet



Lives in Deerlijk (West Flanders).

Jean-Daniel loves reading and sport (tennis and squash), social commitment and enjoying student life. He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied economics (SEA) and is currently finishing a master’s degree in finance.

He says about himself: “I’m mad about history, interested in current affairs and curious about the future.”

Lien ©Rone Fillet



Lives in Hofstade-Zemst

Lien’s interests cover surfing, dancing, history (especially the Old Regime), migration and diversity. She also reads everything she happens to come across.

She says about herself “A woman of culture is a dangerous creature!” 




Lives in Liege.

Lorine is a qualified historian looking for a job in teaching or educational activities.

She says about herself: “As someone who is always thinking about teaching, I can get really upset and angry when some conversations turn to education or teaching. But a delicious special beer, some good music, or a nice long walk in some hidden corner of Belgium are all ideal for calming me down!”

Matthias ©Rone Fillet



Lives in Kortenberg/Leuven

Apart from table tennis, Matthias is especially keen on literature and culture in its widest possible sense.

He says about himself: “Everything that is permitted teaches us nothing. We must first disobey: this is our first duty…” Maeterlinck. 




Lives in Brussels, Laeken and comes from the heart of Limburg.

She studies history at  the university of Carleton in Canada, but for now, she takes a sabbatical to acquire experience in the Belgian cultural sector. She loves cultural history from the early modern period, especially the discovery of the Americas. Moreover, she likes to try baking new recipes out, she enjoys walking in the city and in the nature, and she is a big movie-lover.

She says of herself: I think I live in a musical. 




Lives in Vlezenbeek.

She loves drawing, making music, reading, acting, horse-riding, eating well and bursting out laughing. Oh yes, and in addition to that, she’s also studying art history and archaeology at the VUB!

She told us about herself: “I do all sorts of things… and lots more besides! However, it’s the little everyday things that most amaze me. Stijn is right, tiramisù is finished quicker than you expect!”

Stijn ©Rone Fillet



Lives in Leuven.

After training as an IT and arts teacher, Stijn decided to delve into the complexity and diversity of the arts world and he is currently studying history of art at KU Leuven. He loves taking part in student activities and is active in youth movements, as a travel guide and in journalism. He leads and participates in various cultural projects.

He says about himself: “Life is like tiramisù. It’s finished far too quickly.”




Lives in Saint-Josse (Brussels)

Valérie’s passions are: history, music, dance, travel and philosophy.

She says of herself: “Challenges make life more interesting and overcoming obstacles gives it a meaning.”




Lives in Antwerp.

Zindzi likes reading, writing and discussing. She keeps herself busy with her studies in philosophy and she dedicates herself to the associations of which she is a member. She philosophizes and she sometimes looks at the world with a critical eye.

She says of herself: I try to be open, to learn and above all, to have fun and to seize every opportunity. Life belongs to those who dare (and to those who are slightly pretentious).

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Here are the members of the Bande du BELvue Bende. Click on their photo!

Onze partner : De Veerman

De Veerman is een artistieke haven waar uit liefde voor en rotsvast geloof in de kunsten mensen worden uitgedaagd en gestimuleerd om andere oevers te verkennen. De Veerman werd opgericht in 2000 met als doel kunsteducatieve projecten te ontwikkelen, uit te voeren en te verspreiden.