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Guided tours

The BELvue works with several guide associations who all know the museum very well. Each association has its own skills and specialties, and we recommend you pick the one that suits you best. You are also free to choose your own guide.

Attention! Please book your guided tour directly by the organization of your choice. There is then no need to book also your visit by the museum.



Since 1983, Akadia explores the richness of the heritage of Belgium and Brussels. They develop many cultural projects, especially in Brussels, around architecture, urbanism, culture, plastics arts and ideology, since the Middle Ages to nowadays. 

To see and understand our own city and its architectural development, to approach the artistic creation and to make sense of it: these are the activities that they want to share with the public. 

With their specialists in architectural heritage and contemporary art, Arkadia proposes to (re)discover the city through guided tours and conferences in several languages. They develop “pedagogy through looking” because they are convinced that seeing and understanding our own city helps to preserve and defend it. 

Languages : FR - NL - DE - EN – IT

T: +32 2 563 61 53 - -


Brussels Chatterguides

An irresistible invitation to love Brussels and discover the city!

Since 1983 the Brussels Chatterguides share their passion for Brussels with travellers, groups of all sizes and shapes and, of course, the Brusselians themselves.
We offer original, exciting and friendly tours to help you understand and love Brussels!

Languages : FR - NL - DE - EN - ES - IT

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CAP Heritage for Everyone

A team of guides with the conviction that a tour should be an exciting and enriching experience for Everyone.

Hence, our approach is interactive, and tailored to each audience: schools, associations, training programs... and also disabled people.

Languages : FR - NL - EN - DE - ES

T: +32 478 66 72 68 - " rel="nofollow"> -



DISCOVER-B guides will tell, with passion and in a good mood, for young and old, students, seniors or members of cultural associations, by history tales and great stories, their true affection for Belgium and its human footprint.

Languages : FR - NL - EN - ES

T: +32 485 025 423 - -



E-guides, « E » for European Guides, is a cultural association of multilingual professional guides. With passion they will take groups, schools, adults and/or children to discover Brussels, a European city.

We want to show that Brussels is an animated city. Brussels tells us her history through monuments, building and the streets where we walk, where we live.

Our objective

Our aim is not to give a history lesson, but to talk and to show the European destiny of Brussels from the origin until now. On the way, we recount some events, names and daily life during some periods of our history.

A different insight

To be short, we recount Brussels through an animated European history. This unusual point of view gives you a different insight into Brussels.

Languages : FR - NL - DE - EN - ES - IT - RU

T: +32 499 21 39 85-   -


GBB – Guides for Brussels and Belgium

For years we have been organising guided tours in the BELvue Museum and the archaeological site of Coudenberg, the former palace of Brussels. Every visit is adapted to the needs of your group (cultural, youth, elderly,…) and is offered in a number of languages (EN, NL, FR, DE,….). Hint: combine your visit with a related themed walk in the city.

Languages : FR - NL - DE – EN

T: +32 477 02 02 30 –



Since 1986 our ambition is «to take our visitors by the hand and tell them a story». A story about a place, its residents, its heritage and its culture. Itineraries are at your entire disposal, from a guided tour to cultural event, with its guides and animators, dancers, entertainers, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in all languages, to live art as an art of living. Come and experience in a whole new way Belgium and his history!

Languages : FR – NL - EN - DE – ES – IT – GR – SE – CH - JP -  PL

T: +32 2 541 03 77 - -



Korei browses behind the scenes of the present and the past, in the twilight zone between architecture, city development, literature, the way of thinking from the 18th century up to the present day. Contrasts are a part of urban life and with these oppositions the diversity and the many surprises of Brussels surface. We are happy to make a made-to-measure program for you on request.

Languages : FR – NL - EN

T: + 32 2 380 22 09 - -