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Digital educational tools

The past year has seen an unexpected revolution in education due to COVID-19. Schools were forced to close, some of you had to teach online and master the necessary technologies at lightning speed, others had to adapt to the current health measures in the classroom. This steep technological learning curve, the challenges of working from home or in the classroom, keeping the students motivated... It's safe to say that teaching has never been so challenging! The BELvue makes every effort to support teachers in their tasks by offering various ready-made (digital) tools to strengthen the involvement of students. Curious?
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Digital educational tools

Teach your students all about the functioning of Belgian institutions and let them experience the limitations and challenges of a representative democracy. How?

Through an immersion game, students form a political party and then draw up their programme. Throughout the game the pupils form a city by having different discussions with each other and taking reality into account. The educational game can be played with minimum 12 and maximum 28 players. Choose between an online workshop via Zoom or buy the Democracity box for your classroom! Please consult the "Democracity" page for more information on this workshop. 

The manuals are only available in Dutch and French. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Good News! Thanks to a partnership between the VRT, the FSMA, the National Bank and BELvue, we have been able to set up a digital educational media format: EDUbox. There are two versions of the EDUbox, each with a different theme, but both boxes complement each other. One box looks at "money and me" and the other at "money in the world". The main purpose of the EDUbox is to promote the financial education of young people. Please be aware that the boxes are only available in Dutch and French.  

Are you a teacher in the 1st grade ASO and/or TSO, and are you looking for material on financial education for your lessons? Visit the page "EDUbox" for more information about this workshop!

RECHT-vaardig / Justice en-jeu
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Ik zie, ik zie... waar jij naar kijkt! / je vois, je vois... et toi ? 
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