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Chips, beer and chocolates... surely there is more to Belgium than that? Democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, languages and Europe: these are the themes used by the BELvue Museum to help you to discover Belgium. Each one is developed through present-day testimonials and then traced right through history. This is a modern, original way of gaining a fuller understanding of modern-day Belgium.

Have a look at the gallery too: there are more than 200 objects to view, each one forming a tangible memory of Belgium. Here are just a few examples: a lithograph by Magritte, a motorcycle, crystal vases by Val Saint-Lambert, and a football signed by the Red Devils. The very essence of Belgian-ness!

BELvue/Philippe de Formanoir
BELvue/Philippe de Formanoir

Museum visits

Discover all the possibilities to visit the BELvue museum in an unforgetable way: treasure's hunt, thematical visit, guided tour...

Temporary exhibitions


Coudenberg Palace

The archeological site and Coudenberg museum is an underground tour which gives the visitor the opportunity to discover the remains of the Palace of Charles V. The main entrance of this tour is located in the BELvue.

More info over the Coudenberg

In order to offer their visitors an optimal service, the BELvue and the Coudenberg Palace organize the reception of their visitors together.

Maison du Roi Broodhuis
Underground Coudenberg