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[email protected]: children tour (10-14 years olds)

  • Primary school
  • 5th year primary school
  • 6th year primary school
  • Secundary school
  • 1st year secundary school
  • 2nd year secundary school
  • 3rd year secundary school - gen./tech.
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What did Maria and Hendrik do during the war? You solve the mystery!

Help Emma to find out what her great-great-grandparents, Maria and Hendrik, lived through the First World War. Visit the exhibition, discover the different roles in the society of that time and solve the mystery!

  • For children aged from 10 till 14 years, accompanied by an adult
  • Non-guided tour
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Available in EN-FR-NL
  • Price: 1€/kind
  • Reservation non mandatory (except for groups of more than 10 persons: online reservation available below this page)