Coffee stories | BELvue
Temporary exhibition

Coffee stories


At breakfast or after lunch, at work or with family and friends: coffee is part of many people's lives. It connects people, literally and metaphorically, through the passion for a cup of black gold or just as a means to share experiences.

Coffee Stories collects stories about coffee. From the plant to the cup, the exhibition offers insight into coffee's rich past. With a focus on heritage, craftsmanship and traditions, Coffee Stories shines a light on the world of coffee today. Where does the plant come from? How do the beans in the hands of the roaster reveal their secrets? And why can a steaming cup charm so many? Get carried away on a bean-to-bag journey.

Practical information
  • Coffee Stories is an initiative of the Centre for Agricultural History, the Botanic Garden Meise, Koffiecafe and Cera, with the support of Flanders.