Belgian Street Photography | BELvue
Temporary exhibition

Belgian Street Photography

Belgian Street Photography is presenting a series of astonishing urban photographs, taken by Belgian photographers. The exhibition presents a singular vision of urban photography, subject to diverse interpretations and lying at the frontier of other genres.

Visitors will gain fascinating insights to the work of Jimmy Kets, Artur Eranosian, Wouter Van Vaerenbergh, Jef Beirinckx, Luc Rabaey, Brecht Van Maele, Karina Brys, Patrick Bardyn, Thomas Switn Sweertvaegher, Franky De Schampheleer, Olivier Bekaert, Charles Paulicevich, Filip Claus and John Vink..


Be inspired by the exhibition and send your best photograph. It may be exposed in the exhibition "Belgian Street Photography" at the BELvue Museum!

More info - Look here at the photos of the winners