Viva Brasil! Belgians in Brazil | BELvue
Temporary exhibition

Viva Brasil! Belgians in Brazil

The Red Devil’s participation in this summer’s world cup has peaked Belgian interest in Brazil. But Belgians have been present and active in Brazil for many years. For example, various Belgian agricultural colonies were established during the 19th century, and Belgians were also closely involved in the building of railways and prestigious building projects. King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth were the first foreign heads of state to visit Brazil in 1920; they were paraded around like heroes.

This exhibition invites visitors to follow in the footsteps of the Belgians who were - and are - active in Brazil in the fields of trade, industry, social work, religion, art, diplomacy and sport through historical documents, current photos from Brazil and illustrated testimonies from Belgians in Brazil.


Practical information:

  • from 12th of June till 31st of August 2014
  • Free entrance


Viva Brasil! Belgians in Brazil” is being organised by the BELvue museum, Expoduo, photographer Gina van Hoof and travel journalist Kris Clerckx, whose book “Viva Brazil” has been published by Avant Propos.