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For this 2021 edition of Museum Night Fever, the BELvue Museum is throwing you a big party. Celebrate culture with us by taking part in our diverse artistic program and by discovering our exhibitions. On the night of Museum Night Fever, there are no rules... except SINGING, DANCING, and MARVELLING. Are you ready for this? Let's get loud again!

The BELvue Museum showcases the essence of Belgium in seven themed rooms and a gallery displaying more than 200 objects. Finally, you can learn how Belgium works and all about its democracy, pluralism, migrations, and solidarity, and even become something of an expert on all things Belgian, from the saxophone, lace, or croquette-makers to the Antwerp Six.


On the program for this edition of MNF: slam, dance, pole dance, not one but two temporary exhibitions... and many other great things!

♥♥♥ The Afro-feminist collective Sisterhood will take you on a journey with frenzied Afro-Caribbean and Dancehall rhythms, between slam, poetry, performance, and an interactive workshop.

♥♥♥ The actresses of Les Veilleuses de Mots, together with their puppet, clown, and accordion, tell you the story of grandma Charlotte and her memories of Brussels in the 70s.

♥♥♥ The duo of dancers from the Compagnie Ana Cembrero helps you decipher, with grace, the universal language of the human body around their pole dance bar.

♥♥♥ Camille Raséra brings characters from the work of Raoul Servais, the Belgian pioneer of the animated film, to life at the very heart of the exhibition. Figures tormented between magic and realism await you.

♥♥♥ And finally, "Speak through Comics" is the exhibition that highlights Belgian-Korean comics to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Belgium.


Healing in movement - Museum Night Fever @BELvue

Healing in movement

Founded by MDF-The label, the Sisterhood collective is a multi-faceted project that combines Dancehall-inspired dance and reflection on the weight of colonization on the present, and also deals with feminism and the invisibilization of non-white women.  

The collective is organized around an ongoing personal development and dance training program for young Afro-descendant women artists, who are either amateurs or aspiring professional performers. This program aims to create a space of sisterhood in which women of color can collectively reflect on their place in society and develop their arts, as well as to stimulate exchange around questions of the weight of the past on women of color's experience and of the cultural approach in their dance practice.  

Through various performances of dance, slam, poetry and discussion, the collective aims to respond to the lack of visibility of these women, to fight against stereotypical images of Africa and the Caribbean and to offer avenues of reflection to the general public by showing the complexity and richness of Afro-Caribbean cultures, true products of a global history.  

Artists: Collectif Sisterhood

Choreographer and artistic director: Massinda Zinga

Artistic assistant: Chrisia Lange

Collectif Sisterhood: Massinda Zinga, Chrisia Lange, Ronel Djimadoumadji, Betina Kashiama, Marrie Abwao, Marie-Paule Mugeni, Laura Mengato, Nadège Utshinga, Cristine Tshimanga

Credits: Musical composition by Joycie Ruba – Photography by Malkia Mutiri

INCARNATIONS - Museum Night Fever @BELvue


After playing Armande in Les femmes savantes under the direction of Marja-Leena Junker and staging her first creation La secte du bonheur, Camille Raséra joins the Royal Conservatory of Mons. During her studies, she goes on an Erasmus stay at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona to be trained in physical theater. After graduating from the conservatory in 2016, she returns to Barcelona to act under the direction of Moreno Bernardi in Altra Voce and stays there to act in the French-Spanish film La muda/La mue by Alix Gentil. She also works in the dance-theatre creations of Moreno Bernardi.  

She comes back to Belgium to play under the direction of Pascal Crochet in Métamorphoses. Alongside her work as an actress, she directed Et si on rêvait?, a creation based on movement.  

"Incarnations" is an original creation by the young choreographer and actress Camille Raséra around the work of Raoul Servais and the attractions, quests and oppressions that move his characters. A lamppost is distorted, a false note is heard and exclusion is immediate. With her performance full of humanity, Camille Raséra wishes to dance Servais, to reanimate his characters, to feel his nostalgia and his mystery. A unique staging of the world of Servais, his nostalgia for the dissonant being and the omnipresence of figures that gnaw, threaten, attack.

Corps universel - Museum Night Fever @BELvue


Ana Cembrero is a dancer, a film director, a choreographer and a teacher. She has a a degree in ballet, contemporary dance and visual arts. She obtains her diploma of Fine arts in the San Carlos University UPV Valencia (Spain), and in the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels, La Cambre (Brussels), with a specialization in visual and performative Arts.

Her work crosses dance with other artistic disciplines and tries to explore the limits of the body with an esthetic and poetic questioning inspired by current events. she plays with the public’s sensibility by using a strong audiovisual poetry. 

For Museum Night Fever, the company Ana Cembrero proposes a new creation: Corps universel, a performance based on the body in movement as a non-verbal communication language, an alternative and poetic language through contemporary dance and pole dance. For this original creation, the two artists were inspired by the theme of the "Languages" room of the permanent exhibition of the BELvue Museum, in which they will perform that evening. 

RAFISTOLE ! - Museum Night Fever @BELvue

Rafistole !

Les Veilleuses de Mots is a collective of artists offering committed and interdisciplinary performances. For MNF, Les Veilleuses de Mots present RAFISTOLE!, a show initiated by Zoé Cheneau, a puppeteer performer who conceives the theater as a place of life, of experience where one can turn everyday life into a dream.

RAFISTOLE! is a nonverbal theatrical creation for all audiences, involving many things: puppets, dusty objects, projections of the past, and poetic moments.


Acting: Clotilde Florence, Stefano Bompani and Zoé Cheneau

Theatre direction: Fanny Bonifait

Stage management: Arthur Devroye


"During a game of hide-and-seek with their grandmother Charlotte, two very curious children come across a mysterious chest of drawers. They play around these precious objects, bicker, twiddle and dream. This is the beginning of a great journey: these recovered objects awaken long-buried memories in their grandmother, taking place in the 1970s, when she lived in a district of Brussels in full economic expansion. Through Charlotte's eyes, we discover the chronicles of a disappeared neighborhood that really existed in Brussels. In her struggle through art (or the art of struggles!) and all this joyful revolting rumpus, granny Charlotte then meets true love."

Brasserie C - Museum Night Fever @BELvue

Brasserie C

Coming all the way from Liège especially for the occasion, Brasserie C invites you to share their delicious craft beers in the garden of the BELvue Museum. Looking for a touch of originality? You will also be able to taste their brand new soft drinks. What will you choose: bissap, baobab or iced tea?

Raoul Servais. A world between magic and realism - Museum Night Fever @BELvue

Raoul Servais

Immerse yourself in the world of the Belgian pioneer of animated film Raoul Servais, thanks to his drawings, background props and even the instruments he used to make his films. This exhibition sheds light on Servais as an individual, his artistic process and search for new techniques, but also his love for the arts, surrealism, the work of Paul Delvaux and many more things. You will also be able to admire the sketches from his latest film, created in collaboration with Rudy Pinceel: Der lange Kerl.

François Schuiten, one of our most renowned comic strip artists, is curating the exhibition. He was Servais' main assistant during the making of Taxandria (1994). As supervisor of the graphic concept and the film's sets, Schuiten knows the world of Taxandria and the work of Raoul Servais like no other. The exhibition Raoul Servais. A world between magic and realism is organised by the Heritage Fund of the King Baudouin Foundation in collaboration with the Raoul Servais Collection, the Raoul Servais Association and CINEMATEK.

In partnership with La Libre, DH and The Brussels Times. Exhibition in EN/NL/FR

Audioguide available in EN/FR/NL/DE

Speak through comics - Museum Night Fever @BELvue

Speak through comics

The Korean-Belgian Comics Exhibition commemorating the 120th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Belgium.

Belgium and Korea speak different languages but they both enjoy the language of comics. To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Belgium and South Korea and as part of the Comics Festival, the BELvue is hosting the exhibition "Speak through comics".

Comics are a unique art genre that is made complete only when words and pictures go hand in hand. That is why you not only need to read the words, but also the message and sentiments that are conveyed by the images.

In this exhibition you will discover the differences and similarities between the two countries throughout the seventh art and feel the emotional depth embedded along the lines of a thick brush or a delicate pen from the works of artists such as Ancco, Oh Se-Young or Judith Vanistendeal.

Produced by the Korean Cultural Centre, KOMACON (Korea Manhwa Contents Agency) and

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