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Ceci n'est pas un audioguide

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Discover the BELvue museum with the interactive audio guide created by the young people of the Bande du BELvue Bende! They have designed a whole tour to be done with a small group, ideally in groups of three.

It is not a traditional audioguide tour, rather an interactive experience. And you may even have a lot of fun doing it!!!

So get into the spirit of the game, answer the questions, find the answers to the riddles, exchange your points of view and above all have fun!

How does it work?

  1. You visit the BELvue, ideally with two other persons. It also works with more people, but it is better with multiples of three!
  2. You pay your entrance ticket (it’s free for those aged under 18!) and you go on your smartphone on app.belvue.be. Select the audioguide for joung people (in French and Dutch only). You will receive some cards and dice at the museumdesk.
  3. In the exhibition rooms, there are “stops”. You follow the instructions and you play the game!

Have fun!

Practical information
  • Audio guide with interactive tour
  • For young people aged 15 and over
  • To be done in small groups, ideally in groups of three
  • To be done on your own smartphone (free Wifi available)
  • Available in French and Dutch
  • Free (you only have to pay for the museum entry ticket, and this is free for those aged under 18!)