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Those Will Be the Days

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7 facets of Belgian heritage

Are you ready to sample a whole new kind of museum experience? Then come and see the BELvue museum through the eyes of a group of around 30 'citizen curators' from different age groups and backgrounds, none of whom are museum professionals! The Those Will Be the Days exhibition emerged from a collaborative project taking a fresh look at the Belgian heritage of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

What will our legacy be for future generations? Heritage is about much more than just historic buildings or culinary traditions. In each room of the museum, explore a different facet of Belgian heritage and think about its development through time and space. Do you see the future as constant progress or as a perpetual reinvention of the past? To help you answer this question, you will not only be taken on a voyage of discovery of the currencies and religions of the future, but also get to know works by contemporary artists Hans Op de Beeck, Panamarenko, Jacques Lizène, Walter Leblanc and Luc Deleu.

  • Part of Public à l'œuvre (Public at Work), a hands-on project which aims to reverse the traditional roles of the museum and the public.
  • In collaboration with the cooperative Cera, the non-profit youth organisation Mooss, the non-profit cultural organisation Arts&Publics and the BELvue museum.
  • Supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Flemish Administration as part of the cultural cooperation between the Flemish and French Communities.