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Speak through Comics

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The Korean-Belgian Comics Exhibition commemorating the 120th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Belgium

Belgium and Korea speak different languages but they both enjoy the language of comics. To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Belgium and South Korea and as part of the Comics Festival, the BELvue is hosting the exhibition "Speak through comics".

Comics are a unique art genre that is made complete only when words and pictures go hand in hand. That is why you not only need to read the words, but also the message and sentiments that are conveyed by the images.

In this exhibition you will discover the differences and similarities between the two countries throughout the seventh art and feel the emotional depth embedded along the lines of a thick brush or a delicate pen from the works of artists such as Ancco, Oh Se-Young or Judith Vanistendeal. 

Produced by the Korean Cultural Centre, KOMACON (Korea Manhwa Contents Agency) and visit.brussels