City | BELvue
Temporary exhibition


  • Individuals
  • Adults
  • Seniors

Come here, to the heart of Brussels, to explore our city from a fresh perspective. 
Brussels as drawn by its inhabitants, of all ages, and by people all over the world. 
Brussels as heard in short recordings of stories captured by photographers here and elsewhere.
What impression does Brussels leave on us deep down inside?

An audiovisual experience presenting different outlooks on the city where we live or come from. Realised by asylum seekers from the Fritz Toussaint Centre, run by the charity Samusocial, and volunteers from the youth organisation Solidarcité.

An initiative by Article 27 Brussels, in collaboration with the Fritz Toussaint Centre, run by Samusocial, and Solidarcité. A workshop designed and led by the non-profit association Atelier Graphoui.