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The history of Belgian art in press cartoons.

The big history of art in the little country of Belgium by 25 Belgian press cartoonists. Based on a true story written by Gilles Dal.

Belgium Art Cetera is taking an original look at the history of visual art in Belgium. Our rich art history is being tackled with a generous portion of humour by 25 well-known Belgian press cartoonists. With their incisive pens, they tackle the history of art in Belgian regions at the time of the Spanish, Dutch and French occupations, among others, from the Flemish Primitives and the Golden Age to the contemporary Belgian art scene. The accompanying texts are written by historian and humourist Gilles Dal.

Participating cartoonists: Kroll, Karl, Philippe Geluck, Kamagurka, Herr Seele, duBus, Marec, Gal, Vadot, Johan De Moor, Quirit, Cécile Bertrand, Ilah, Kanar, Kim, Lectrr, Zaza, Max Tilgenkamp, Sondron, Fritz, Steve, Joris Snaet, Clou, Fred and Cost.

Belgium Art Cetera is a realisation of The Cartoonist.

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