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Family Day

  • Family
  • Kids
  • 3-5 years olds
  • 4-8 years olds
  • 6-8 years
  • 9-12 years olds
  • Teenagers

Come along to the BELvue Museum on Sunday 8 October for a whole day of family entertainment!  Playjourneys, fun workshops and plenty of other surprises are waiting for you to join in. This would be the perfect occasion for all the family to spend the day together discovering Belgium and its history! 



Get ready for a fantastic welcome!! But hey, we’re not going to spoil the surprise ….Well, we can give you just a little hint  …. look up, up, up to the sky!!!

Guided tours

Take an interactive tour with all the family – children with their parents and grandparents – where each generation will be given a special task to accomplish!  A tour full of talking points for the whole family to discover something new about Belgium and Belgian history!

11.30 – in English  / 11.00 – in French  / 14.00 – in Dutch

You must reserve your places in advance!

Play journeys

Mimi and Momo will lead a game of hide-and-seek for tots aged 3 to 5, helping them to find and touch certain objects hidden in the museum. Kids aged 6 to 8 will play at being top politicians taking decisions on extremely important matters! Children aged 9 to 12 will accompany Zeno the Explorer as he takes them on a voyage of discovery around Belgium aboard his Periscope Van!

No need to reserve in advance  - From 10.00 until 18.00

Pop-up comics workshop

Belgium is world-famous for its comics with classic characters such as Tintin, Lucky Luke and the Smurfs. Why not create your very own comic character in full 3-D in just a few minutes in our Pop-Up Comics Workshop!

No need to reserve in advance - From 10.00 until 18.00

‘Fanfakids’ concert

Come and dance with the Fanfakids to the combo beat of North African/South American folk tunes! This music will create a party atmosphere filling the whole museum! The Fanfakids scheme is an initiative of the d’Broej Centrum West youth club in Molenbeek, which brings together children of different ages and cultures.

Performances at 13.00, 15.00 and 16.00

Delicious Belgian treats

All these activities make people hungry, but luckily we’ve already thought about that. Go into the garden to discover some typically Belgian snack treats!

You can exchange your museum ticket for a waffle or a stick of candyfloss.



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Practical information
  • Sunday 8 October 2017 from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.
  • Activities for children aged from 3 to 99 years!
  • Price: entrance fee for the museum