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Brussels Poetry Fest in BELvue

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The BELvue museum will be hosting the third Brussels Poetry Fest from 9 to 11 September!

This year's theme? The 100th anniversary of Dada and Cabaret Voltaire. The Brussels Poetry Fest is a festival of experimental poetry bringing together famous poets and artists from Switzerland, Japan, the United States, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium! Get caught up in touching, humorous or even unsettling performances, all created just for the occasion. Some of the big names performing this year at the BELvue during the festival include Alain Freudiger, ACG Vianen, Helen White, Joy, Tom Nisse, Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, Akim AJ Willems, Heike Fiedler… and many others.

Enjoy the very best of experimental poetry for three straight days!

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The Brussels Poetry Fest will also be taking place in other venues and on the premises of partner institutions. For more information and a full programme visit

Practical information
  • Friday 9/09: 17:00 >18:00 : The Management, performed by Alain Freudiger
  • Saturday 10/09: 14:00 > 17:30 : Poetry: Installations to Perform, with a group of artists and poets
  • Sunday 11/09: 14:00 > 16:30 : Maintenant Tea, with a group of artists and poets
  • Access to the festival is entirely free of charge. Anyone wishing to visit the museum must buy a ticket.
  • No reservations